Nintendo has Switch eBay auction removed for mentioning ability to mod


Nintendo obviously doesn’t want anybody modifying its consoles. The company is extremely vigilant in trying to stop the modding community. In fact, they recently took down an eBay auction for a Nintendo Switch because the seller mentioned it was evenĀ possible to mod it.

No (talk of the existence of) modding allowed

ResetEra user Intoxicate posted a listing on eBay looking to sell their old-model Nintendo Switch, which had not been modified, but the listing mentioned that the Switch had the capability to be modified. This sent red flags to Nintendo, which had the auction pulled from eBay. Intoxicate was confused and wondered how this violated any terms of use.

It seems strange that Nintendo wouldn’t let somebody sell their Switch just because they mentioned modification. Perhaps Nintendo didn’t want eBay shoppers to know it was even possible. Throughout the years, Nintendo has taken a number of measures to combat piracy. These include shutting down ROM websites and implementing anti-piracy measures in their system updates. However, it’s unlikely the company will ever stop piracy for good.

No matter what side you take, this most recent eBay takedown is sure to add more fuel to the fire on Nintendo’s policies. What do you guys think? Should Nintendo have left the listing alone? Did they act within their rights? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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