Nintendo has been listening to your Smash Bros. Ultimate character requests

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When it comes to new Super Smash Bros. characters, everybody wants someone different. Some want the unattainable like Goku, where others want a callback to their roots with a character like Geno or Banjo-Kazooie. There’s just too many kickass characters that have been released in the last thirty years to merely pick one as a new Smash fighter. That said, it can often feel as if Nintendo isn’t listening to fans. Nintendo Product Marketing Manager JC Rodrigo begs to differ, though.

Rodrigo recently spoke with US Gamer, where the marketing manager chatted about Nintendo’s approach to gauging what Smash Bros. fans want. The outlet asked if he was surprised at the fan response to missing fighters like Waluigi and Geno, where Rodrigo said the following.

Not really. I’ve been hanging around the Smash Bros community. I’ve been doing a lot of events; anytime you see a Nintendo logo at a tournament, I help with those as well. We know how passionate our fans are. We were thankful and appreciative of all of [the responses]. Surprised? No, not at all. People want their characters; we hear you.”

It sounds like Nintendo does what they can to hear out fans. With so many out there, though, I imagine it’s tough for a worldwide company to cater to all audiences. The massive Smash Bros. Ultimate roster proves, though, they’re trying to appeal to as many as possible

What characters need to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? If you had to pick only one, who would it be? Share your picks down in the comments section!

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