Nintendo Holiday Gift Guide: Collectibles, Attire, Other Merch

Nintendo holiday gift guide controllers games accessories attire merchandise collectibles

Maybe you have a few Nintendo fans in your life and thought to yourself that buying games, controllers, or accessories from our other gift guide is a bit too risky. What if they already have that game or this controller? And who really wants to take a gift back to exchange it the day after Christmas? The magic of the gift is gone, and now you should’ve just bought a lame gift card instead since the result is essentially the same.

Well, that’s what this guide is for. In a world where pop culture dominates, Nintendo merch is aplenty. There are sure to be items that your Nintendo fanatic friend, sister, or brother hasn’t picked up yet. So let’s get into some of the good stuff.

5-pack Nintendo Mario Odyssey action figures

Figures are always the coolest collectibles; they can easily be shown off or proudly displayed in any fan’s game room. This Super Mario Odyssey collection features vibrant characters from that world and will only cost you $19.99 USD. These can be found exclusively at GameStop and EB Games.

Nintendo-themed hoodies

If you live in the upper hemisphere of the world, it’ll be winter! So it’s important to stay warm, right? But the recipients of your gifts this year could stay warm in style the only way a Nintendo fan could. These three designs are available in multiple sizes at ThinkGeek for $24.99 each.

Nintendo plush

Target has many, many options when it comes to plush Nintendo characters. They also range in sizes. Depending on the size and selection, these range anywhere from $11 to $27. So grab one, two, or three and make your gift a bundle of soft, squishy joy.

Samus Aran (Zero Suit) Figma action figure

The Metroid fan in your life might be overjoyed to get something like this. The figure comes with a stand, multiple points of articulation, and her handgun and helmet as attachable accessories. This figure is a bit pricier and will cost you close to $55. The good news is that you can order it online from Target.

Pixel Pals

Pixel Pals

These cool throwback pieces can be snagged for up to $15 each. Many times, these can be found at lower prices than that if you find a good clearance at GameStop or Target. However, many of them (not all) light up with the aid of a few AAA batteries and will look mighty cool aglow in the dark of any game room. I can speak from experience, as I own a few!

NES backpack

Nintendo fans must sport their fandom with pride. So, your gift recipients can wear their fandom on their shoulders — literally. This retro-themed backpack will cost you $25 at your local GameStop or online. This is currently a sale price as these are typically priced nearly $10 higher. So take advantage!


T-shirts are always a given when it comes to gift ideas. Just like the backpack and the hoodies, it’s important for fans to display their fandom proudly. There are numerous shirts available at most outlets. The ones featured above can be found at Target. Kid-sized T-shirts can also be found on Target’s website or in stores.

Mario Kart Monopoly


Right now, you can snag this excellent edition of Monopoly for just $18 bucks on Target’s website. Normally, this game is priced at $24.99. It’s unknown how long that discounted savings may last, so get on it. Any tabletop gamer who loves Nintendo would be thrilled to add this to their Monopoly or board game collection.

Reversible Pokémon Jigglypuff hooded scarf


This scarf is pretty rad and will fetch your loved ones the style and warmth they need for just $9.99 via ThinkGeek. Jigglypuff can either be on full display, or the scarf can be reversed for another cool design on the inside. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be wearing this thing with the Jigglypuff face and ears out?! And while you’re at it, just check out all of the Pokémon merch that ThinkGeek has to offer. From animated Pokémon plushes to onesies, and even a giant Snorlax beanbag, there’s plenty to love there for any Pokémon fan.

The Legend of Zelda Triforce cookie jar

The Legend of Zelda
This piece of ceramic genius will surely pull the whole room together. Well, at least the kitchen counter. But forget the kitchen counter. I’d make this thing a centerpiece on my coffee table. Its sweet design will surely make you the envy of any house guests that lay eyes on it. However, with its awesome design also comes a hefty cost. This will take $60 to make it yours on ThinkGeek’s website. But if you gifted it to a friend, I think you might move up to the #1 slot on the friend list when they see this.

The Legend of Zelda Triforce light


Let’s not get off the Triforce topic just yet, because there is the sweet Triforce light/lamp that you must see. If you have a Zelda fan on your gift-giving list, this light should be a prime consideration. Not only do the familiar trinity of triangles light up, but the Triforce design etched into the sides of the lamp project that design onto nearby walls. At $44.99, this might be one of the best gifts you have ever given.

Nintendo wall art

No game room is a game room without the proper decor. So, make sure your Nintendo fan is outfitted with some of the best. ThinkGeek can answer the call with some of these sweet art prints. Don’t let your loved one have a dull game room. Make sure they spice it up a bit!

If you have Nintendo fans on your gifting list this year, this should help you get started. There’s plenty of wonderful Nintendo merch, so be sure to scour ThinkGeek, Target, GameStop, and even Best Buy for some great options for Nintendo merch and collectibles gift ideas. Also, be sure to check out all the Black Friday deals available for Nintendo systems, games, controllers, and accessories. And of course, if there is something you felt should have made this list, let all of your fellow Nintendo fans know about it in the comments below!

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