Nintendo Files Game Boy Patent on Mobile Devices; More Than Likely to Stop Emulators

While the short-sighted analysts of the world want Nintendo to put games on mobile devices, it may not be a great decision in the long run. Today a patent was filed by Nintendo for emulation of Game Boy games on mobile devices like Smart Phones, PDA’s, Tablets, and more. While at first glance people may think that it’s being done to put Game Boy games on a mobile platform, more than likely it’s for other reasons.

The more plausible reason for Nintendo doing this is simple: to have legal grounds against companies selling emulators of Game Boy games on mobile devices. When Nintendo acquires the patent, they will be in control of this and could easily sue and shut down many of the Game Boy emulators that are sold on mobile marketplaces.

There is the off chance that it could be something on a larger scale, but more than likely it’s Nintendo just protecting their assets. Do you think there is more to the story? Let us know your theory in the comments below.

Shawn Long
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