Nintendo Files for Extensive New Animal Crossing Trademark

New Leaf

Animal Crossing is easily one of Nintendo’s biggest active series despite it also being one the ‘youngest’ when compared to most of the others. It got its start back in the Gamecube era and has been releasing across each generation of Nintendo systems ever since. The series recently made its jump over to mobile devices in the form of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which has been doing reasonably well so far. It looks like that’s not the only modern AC title, though.

The folks over at Japanese Nintendo have discovered that the Big N has recently filed an extensive new trademark for the franchise over in Japan. This new trademark covers several different areas such as new merchandise (board/card games, carrying cases, plushies, etc.), but the truly interesting factor of this is that it also covers software for a home console and portable console and also console controllers. Going by that, it seems likely that a new Animal Crossing game may very well be in the works for the Nintendo Switch.

This really isn’t that big of a surprise; it was pretty much a guarantee. Seeing that this trademark has been filed recently, that could signal a possible announcement of this alleged new title within the coming months. At E3, perhaps? That’s certainly possible. If and when a new AC game comes to Switch, it will have the special feature of being both a home console and handheld release. The series has done well across both kinds of systems, but New Leaf on the 3DS was especially loved by many fans. If Nintendo builds the Switch entry from that, there’s a good chance it’ll be even more of a hit.

If you’d like to take a look a trademark, head on over to Japanese Nintendo’s site!


A.K Rahming
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