Nintendo FCC filing suggests a new Switch controller is coming

FCC filing Nintendo Switch controller HAC043 HAC-043 Game Boy Nintendo 64 Switch Online

A Nintendo FCC filing for a “game controller” has been recently discovered, presumed to be for a new type of Nintendo Switch controller, but a short-term confidentiality request ensures that its details will not be made public until as late as 180 days “from the date of the Grant of Equipment Authorization.” The Nintendo game controller has a model number of “HAC043” in the FCC documentation, and “HAC” is typically associated with Nintendo Switch hardware, as Switch itself is HAC-001, Ring Fit Adventure‘s Ring-Con is HAC-022, and HAC-042 is the SNES controller used for Nintendo Switch Online. There is reason to believe the controller has a USB-C port and can plug into the HAC-002 Nintendo AC adapter, but that pretty much summarizes what we know about it right now.

Whatever the device turns out to be, it is likely to be revealed sooner than in 180 days (which is apparently March 16, 2022). It could potentially be a controller to go along with the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games that are reportedly coming soon to Nintendo Switch Online, since the SNES Switch controller also received a degree of confidentiality when its FCC filing was made. However, a Game Boy-centric controller seems unlikely since Game Boy controls are exceedingly simple in the first place, only requiring Start, Select, A, and B buttons and a control pad.

It could also potentially be a Nintendo 64-centric controller, since reports indicate more retro platforms will be added to Switch Online at some point. Alternatively, like the Ring-Con before it, this new Nintendo device could be something totally off the wall headed to Switch, and the FCC filing is just our first, mundane teaser.


John Friscia
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