Nintendo Explains How MercurySteam Got Involved with Metroid: Samus Return

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest, surprises from E3 2017 was of course the glorious return of Samus in two games: Metroid Prime 4 confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, and Metroid: Samus Returns. The latter game will be coming to the 3DS in September, and is a remake of Metroid II for the Game Boy, an often forgotten entry in the Metroid series. Developer MercurySteam will be involved with his project, which was puzzling to many Nintendo fans.

In a recent interview with Yoshio Sakamoto, he explained how this partnership came to be:

“I think there’s a process that takes place when we’re bringing something to new hardware, where we want to of course incorporate the features of the hardware in a way that highlights what we’re trying to do. If you bring two similar systems together, our experience with Metroid and MercurySteam’s with Castlevania, it doesn’t always result in a hybrid system that’s better. In this case MercurySteam had such a great understanding of what is fundamentally Metroid that they were able to synthesize their experiences seamlessly, bringing fresh stimuli, a fresh perspective and a different set of sensibilities.

In searching for someone to help make the game, I’d heard from Nintendo of Europe that MercurySteam was interested in taking on the challenge of remaking a Metroid game. They weren’t saying Metroid II specifically, but we’d heard they were really interested in a Metroid title. I of course knew MercurySteam’s background with the Castlevania series, so I thought ‘That might be an interesting collaboration, let’s talk.


Shawn Long
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