Nintendo E3 2006 gets an hour of high-quality pre-launch Wii footage

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The further you go back in time through the internet era, the grainier the footage gets. You can find amazing relics of the past on YouTube, but they might be displaying at about 25 pixels at a time depending on the event (only mild exaggeration). However, preservationist group and friend of gamers everywhere Forest of Illusion is helping out with that. It has uploaded an hour of high-quality Nintendo E3 2006 footage, showing off Wii, assorted tech demos, lots of Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, Wii Music, and even Final Fantasy III and Mega Man ZX on Nintendo DS (among other things). Wii itself did not launch until November 2006 in North America, so this Nintendo E3 footage is quite a time capsule, showing off projects that weren’t quite finished yet.

The above video begins with Charles Martinet delivering his absolutely hilarious A-game as Luigi, so stop whatever you’re doing and at least watch that. Pre-release Super Mario Galaxy on Wii is likewise amazing. Forest of Illusion is saintly for preserving all this Nintendo E3 2006 booth footage.

There is much more footage, both long and short clips, where this came from, so this is just your Nintendo E3 2006 appetizer. Give these videos a look if you want to wax nostalgic and spot some little differences between pre-release 2006 and final builds of iconic games like Wii Sports and Super Mario Galaxy.


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