Nintendo delivered a new Game Boy to 95-year-old Japanese grandmother

Nintendo delivers new Game Boy to 95-year-old grandmother Japan Japanese

Japan is known for extraordinary customer service, and this is a prime example. Recently one of the leading Japanese newspapers has covered the touching story of Nintendo’s commitment to their fans. The Asahi Shimbun reported how 70-year-old Kuniko Tsusaka’s 95-year-old mother was given a brand new Game Boy by Nintendo. It’s a touching story and a testament to the quality of customer service that the company offers. The story was published in the newspaper’s Feb. 21 edition and has seen a lot of attention on Twitter since then.

Gamer for life

Tsusaka explained that her mother always had a Game Boy close at hand. Apparently she was a huge Tetris fan and would pick up the device and play it throughout the day. When her mother’s health began to fail, her Game Boy tragically broke at the same time, meaning that she was no longer able to enjoy her regular games of Tetris. While this was her third Game Boy, Tsusaka wasn’t able to find a replacement like she was before, and no store could fix it either.

Then Tsusaka’s son described how good Nintendo’s “divine customer service” is. He used the words “kami taiou” for that, and “kami” has the alternative meaning of “paper” in addition to “divine.” So Tsukasa’s grandmother misunderstood her grandson’s meaning and wrote a letter to Nintendo, sending them her broken device as well.

Within a week Nintendo replied, providing a new Game Boy and wishes for a long and happy life. In their letter, Nintendo explained how they didn’t have the parts to repair the broken Game Boy, but they had a new one in a warehouse, which is the one they sent with the letter. Needless to say, Tsusaka’s mother was delighted and able to play Tetris on her fourth Game Boy until she passed away at the age of 99. Tsusaka still praises Nintendo for their “divine” customer service.


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