Nintendo Canceling Five Wii Channels this June


Nintendo will be pulling the plug on five Wii channels this summer, so you boys and girls better catch up on past seasons of your favorite channels because they won\’t be renewed.  The Big \’N\’ announced today that June 28th will be the big channel wipe out for The Everybody Votes Channel, Nintendo Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel, and Check Mii Out Channel.

Wiiconnect 24 will shut down too and will surely be put to shame by your local 7-Eleven store.  Actually, friends will no longer be able to swap any data and any messages from the Wii Message board will now have to be sent via message in a bottle.  Messages that could originally be exchanged through the Mii channel and some game titles will no longer work.

Polygon said that such games as \’Animal Crossing: City Folk, \’Mario Kart Wii\’, and \’Wii Music\’ that would allow users to send messages and other game data may possibly be affected when WiiConnect24 shuts its doors.

Nintendo said that those services would no longer be available, but that the icons representing the channels would still be present.  However, if someone tries to start up the channel nothing will happen.  The good news is that notifications such as the \”Today’s Accomplishments\” on the Wii Message Board will not be affected.

Polygon noted that a Nintendo rep confirmed to them that other channels, like the Wii Shop channel, will remain unaffected.  Also, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, and Hulu Plus would not be affected either.

Nintendo finalized everything in a statement saying,

\”We at Nintendo sincerely thank you for your continued patronage of our company’s products.  We apologize to those of you currently using these services, and ask for your understanding.\”

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[Source: Polygon]

Tom Stovall