Nintendo interviews Game Builder Garage devs in new Ask the Developer series

Nintendo Ask the Developer interview series Q&A Game Builder Garage Naoki Masuda Kosuke Teshima

Prior to his untimely passing, former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata maintained a long-running interview series called Iwata Asks, which provided treasure troves of insight on various Nintendo games straight from the creators themselves. Nintendo has maintained no such interview series since then — until now, apparently, as it has started a new Ask the Developer series, beginning with the developers of Game Builder Garage. More specifically, Nintendo interviewed Naoki Masuda, director and programmer of Game Builder Garage who also led planning and programming of Nintendo Labo, and Kosuke Teshima, who led development of the game’s “Interactive Lessons” portion and also worked on Labo.

The inaugural Ask the Developer Nintendo Q&A discusses the inception, development, and aspirations of Game Builder Garage. The game was originally born out of a desire to expand upon the functionality presented in Toy-Con Garage VR to create games for Nintendo Labo, as well as to provide the ability to create games that do not require Labo. The game’s colorful, personality-rich Nodon, which provide all the programming functionality in the game, were surprisingly inspired by idol groups. The idea is that each member of an idol group plays a unique and important role, and each Nodon likewise provides a unique and helpful programming function.

One of the most memorable parts of this Ask the Developer is when Masuda and Teshima discuss a time they brought a build of Game Builder Garage to an elementary school during development. The kids essentially loved the game, and Masuda said, “Their reactions were really encouraging to us. On the spot, the students were able to reach the stage where they could get through the lessons we could prepare at that time…Well… they did more than get through it… Those students’ enthusiasm was incredible.” Teshima added that “a fourth grader even created his own game through the Free Programming part of the game beyond the interactive lessons, which made me realize that we were on to something.”

The developers of Game Builder Garage hope that the game will provide a jumping-on point for people who have always been curious about coding but did not know where or how to start. For additional insights, check out the full Game Builder Garage Ask the Developer interview at the Nintendo website, and check out our review of the game.


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