Nintendo has already toyed with a ‘Bowsette’ concept

Bowsette - The Art of Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo fans are all too familiar with the recent phenomenon that is Bowsette. Countless pieces of fan art sprung to life in just the last few weeks. Creepily, this new obsession even bled into an onslaught of searches for the character on Pornhub. But hey, to each their own. Now, new creations have sprung up in Bowsette’s wake including Boosette, Chain-Chompette, and much more. But, did you know that this fan-generated concept is actually not entirely original, at least as far as Nintendo is concerned?

Recently, during a Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch will feature an ability for Toadette where she can transform into Peachette when wearing a crown. It didn’t take long for the fan theories to begin swirling regarding the implications. What does this mean for Princess Peach? Is she the secondary state for some other hapless Toadette-style character? Does the crown have the power to transform other characters? With those lingering questions, Bowsette was born as the product of Bowser coming into contact with the magical crown. The concept quickly generated fan art that spread across social media like a wildfire. It even spawned a Super Mario 64 mod.

Bowsette cut from Super Mario Odyssey

Now, Twitter user @Sakusuru has revealed that Nintendo has already toyed with the idea as revealed by the newly launched book in Japan, The Art of Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Odyssey revolves around the idea that there is a population of sentient hats that can allow their original hosts to possess the bodies of other beings within Mario’s world. As we’ve seen, Mario has taken goombas, koopas, bullet bills, and even frogs for a spin using the power of Cappy, his trusty hat companion. Once possession occurs, the enemies or animals being controlled by Mario sprout his iconic mustache and wear his cap to show that he is in control. It’s kind of an invasively creepy concept when you really think about it.

The art book reveals, however, that a concept – that was obviously scrapped from the game – existed where Bowser possessed Peach with his own Cappy. The result is something very much akin to the social phenomenon that is Bowsette.

Clearly, between New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey, the power of magical hats and crowns has paved the way for this popular spin on iconic Mario characters to come to fruition. It’s up to Nintendo to build upon it in the future. If the social media reaction is any indication, it’d be an obvious choice to make for Nintendo. Though, let’s stick with the SFW, Rated-E-for-Everyone concepts Nintendo is famous for.  What do make of this?  Should Nintendo pursue the idea in future Mario titles?  Or should we just let this one fade into history?  Let us know in the comments below!

Image credit: @ejunkie2014

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