Nintendo acquires trademark for PilotWings in Japan

PilotWings - Nintendo Switch - Trademark

Well, this is interesting. Nintendo Co. in Japan has recently filed for a trademark related to PilotWings. Even more interesting, this trademark specifically covers video games. Does this mean Nintendo is getting ready to allow PilotWings to lift off once again on Switch? Well, it’s clearly too early to say for sure, but it would certainly be quite nice if that does actually turn out to be the case.

Nintendo hasn’t really done anything with the franchise since the release of PilotWings Resort; a launch title for the 3DS back in 2011. Seeing the series return in HD would be swell, not to mention that the Switch’s motion controls and HD rumble functionality would definitely be put to good use with such a game. But, don’t get too excited. PilotWings is one of Nintendo’s many franchises that sees the light of day only ever now-and-again. Before PilotWings Resort, the last release was all the way back in 1996, which was PilotWings 64 for the Nintendo 64. But, it turns out that huge gap may have been a lot shorter.

Did you know that Nintendo and Factor 5 actually teamed up to create an open-world PilotWings game for the Wii? It was just about completed too, but Nintendo ultimately ended up canceling it. For the full story, check out our write-up on it below, as well as some other related articles:

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PilotWings - Factor 5 - Wii


A.K Rahming
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