Nintendo account hack affected 140,000 more users than first thought

Nintendo Network ID breach Nintendo account hack affected 140,000 more users than first thought

Back in April, a major account breach of 160,000 Nintendo Network IDs (NNID) occurred. During the breach, personal details including name, date of birth, email, and location were obtained. Following an update posted on Nintendo of Japan’s support page, it’s now been revealed that the number of breached accounts was around 300,000.

The additional number was added in an update post to April’s initial statement. These other accounts have had their passwords reset by Nintendo, and customers have been contacted. The majority of refunds have been issued where payment was taken, with some still being processed.

According to Nintendo, the updated number of 300,000 is still less than 1% of all Nintendo Network IDs. Three hundred thousand is a significant figure all the same though, and we hope Nintendo’s additional security measures help in future. The company still recommends turning on two-factor authentication for account usage though, so that’s worth checking on your account.

Although payment information was not stolen, payments were made fraudulently via linked PayPal and bank accounts. I can personally attest to this, as my account was breached and a £90 payment was taken for Fortnite DLC before Nintendo ultimately issued a refund.

Has this breach affected your trust in Nintendo’s account system?


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