Nintendo 64 & Genesis controller preorder begins for Switch Online

Nintendo 64 Sega Genesis controller preorder begins at Nintendo Shop for NSO Switch Online Expansion Pack

The biggest surprise of the September 2021 Nintendo Direct was the reveal of Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which is bringing Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games to NSO if you pay a little more. Additionally, it was revealed you could nab yourself a Nintendo 64 or Sega Genesis controller (or controllers) to play those games in higher fidelity on Nintendo Switch, and today, preorder for those controllers has begun at the Nintendo Shop.

You must be logged in to your Nintendo Account with an active Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) membership to preorder a Nintendo 64 or Sega Genesis controller, and each retails for $49.99. You are limited to preordering four of each controller, and they will begin shipping on Monday, October 25, 2021. Note that these controllers are not completely identical to their original versions, in that they’re obviously wireless and now sport things like Home and Photo buttons. The Nintendo 64 controller also contains rumble, a nice nod to the fact that Nintendo 64 introduced the Rumble Pak for games like Star Fox 64.

If you want to preorder a Nintendo 64 or Sega Genesis controller from the Nintendo Shop ahead of the launch of NSO Expansion Pack, you may want to do so now, as you never know how long these will stay in stock. Although, keep in mind that Expansion Pack is going to be surprisingly expensive when it launches October 25.


John Friscia
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