Ninjala surpasses 6 million downloads, free rewards available until March

Ninjala 6 million

The free-to-play online brawler Ninjala has surpassed 6 million downloads. Developer GungHo has additionally thanked everyone for their continuing support of the game on social media. To celebrate this achievement, GungHo has said that all Ninjala players will receive 100 Jala (in-game currency) and a free gift if they login before March 24.

Ninjala was released in June 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and has seen a steady uptick in players, culminating in this 6 million. The game supports up to eight players, sending them into a ninja-themed battle contest. The game boasts melee combat, different abilities, and a multitude of different weapons involving the use of Ninja-Gum. Ninjala is constantly being compared to Splatoon, with its similar cartoony art-style.

The game just entered its fourth online season. A new map has been introduced that resembles London, in addition to two new weapons. Ninjala‘s fourth season also launched alongside another episode of the game’s spin-off anime. Season 4 improves some of the online functions of the game, including matchmaking which should hopefully have improved loading times. Additionally, on Jan. 28, a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu collaboration will return, which will bring new in-game music and a “stylish” T-shirt. Items from the previous collaboration will return for a limited period too.

If you’re after a game to sink some time into, Ninjala is a fun game that is worth at least having a go. I enjoyed what I played of the beta before the game came out, so I may give it another go soon. You can download the game for free from the Nintendo Switch eShop, and don’t forget to claim your free rewards!

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