Ninjala suffers buggy launch but hits 1 million downloads, gives rewards

GungHo Ninjala suffers buggy launch server issues but reaches 1 million downloads players, gives rewards

Ninjala, the online battle game from GungHo Online Entertainment, launched this week, but things have gotten off to a rough start. On launch day, players were greeted with several error codes and server issues, likely due to player overload. Of course, the title is free, and when a ton of players attempt to access online servers at once, you often run into issues.


Error#: G-3-99 seems to be the most common error code, which prevents players from accessing the service. Despite developers’ best intentions, server issues are a recurring plague upon many multiplayer online titles at launch, now including Ninjala. The game’s Twitter account did issue a few messages about the problems, including this one: “Notice: Access Failure We have confirmed that currently, network instability has resulted in difficulty connecting in some environments. We apologize to all Ninjala users for the inconvenience,” before letting players know later that things had been fixed.

Thankfully, the development team is already handing out rewards to players. To celebrate one million downloads and to compensate for the server issues, everyone is set to receive 100 Jala currency and 10x Ippon Gum (Flame) weapon skins.

Have you run into server issues with Ninjala, and are you enjoying the GungHo game otherwise?


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