Ninjala season 4 adds London-themed stage, new weapons

Ninjala season 4 GungHo Fort Riverdale London new cartoon anime episode

Online shooter Ninjala may take one or two notes from Splatoon, but the free-to-play offering has managed to carve out its own audience, which will continue into season 4 with some substantial content. Ninjala season 4 launches alongside a new episode of the Ninjala spin-off anime series.

The biggest piece of new content is the Fort Riverdale map, which is based off England’s capital city. It features a giant clocktower, a gum factory, and the city’s iconic skyline. Ninjala developer GungHo Online Entertainment says that the London-themed map features more elevation changes than a typical Ninjala stage.

Fort Riverdale contains a few new interactive features. The Warp Gate enables player travel around the map, and there are several situated around the stage. Then the Giant Gum Gacha is a switch that causes randomized effects on the map. The developer says this one can both help or hinder the player, depending on how the Giant Gum Gacha treats you.

Two new weapons also enter the fray, the Scrap Saber and Chewing V katana options. Ninjala season 4 brings a few new player abilities into the fold too, including the Shinobi Disco Ninjutsu and the Froggy Block Special. GungHo states it’s made improvements to matchmaking with season 4, hopefully leading to quicker load times.

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