Ninjala Season 2 shreds in with new board weapons

ninjala season 2

It’s been just about a month since free-to-play brawler Ninjala landed on Nintendo Switch. Combining fast-paced melee combat with an adorable cartoon art style, the game has already breezed through milestone after milestone and earned over two million downloads. Like every online-focused game seems to do these days, the ninja-themed brawler runs on a seasonal schedule that brings new content and competitions to the game every few months. Season 2 has been announced to begin on August 26, and when it does, a brand new Board weapon class is set to be introduced to the game.

The new Board weapons in Ninjala let you live out your fantasy of a Tony Hawk battle royale. You’ll swing the weapon around and hop on it mid-combo to bash and kick-flip any enemies who come your way, but you can also hop onto the board and ride it around the level as well. There’s a skateboard shaped Board named the Festival Board, as well as three other variants like the Home Run Surfer, the Ninja Calibur, and the Camu Camu Plate.

While Season 2 of Ninjala isn’t arriving until August 26, a new Ippon Matsuri event is live right now. Players will earn bonus post-battle rewards during this event, and if ten million IPPON victory points are gathered by players before the end of the event, everyone will receive 30 Gold Medals.

Ninjala is available now for free on Nintendo Switch.



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