Ninjala release date delayed until June due to pandemic

GungHo Ninjala suffers buggy launch server issues but reaches 1 million downloads players, gives rewards

The Ninjala release date has been pushed back from May 27 to June 24. The announcement was first made in a Japanese Twitter post but later confirmed in a press release. While it’s only a delay of one month and the reasons are completely understandable, this is still a slight disappointment to fans who were excited to get their hands on the game after playing the recent beta.

Kazuki Morishita, President & CEO of GungHo Online Entertainment, shared the following:

Ninjala is near completion, but we are significantly limited in how quickly we can work to test and finalize the game when we cannot be in the same room. Although we are working hard to launch Ninjala and release it to our fans, the health and safety of our employees is paramount. We apologize to our Ninjala fans who were eagerly anticipating its launch, and we ask for your understanding as we work to bring you the best game we can in this additional month.

The game’s open beta was made available for players on April 28 and seemed to be a success according to those who played it. The open beta allowed players to experience the cartoonish violence of small characters beating each other to a pulp with bubble gum equipment, all whilst using what appears to be a martial arts fighting style.

The game’s aesthetic screams Splatoon 2, and the overall style that has been achieved feels fun without being overcomplicated. It’s almost as if you’re a superhero fighting villains and their henchmen in an over-the-top anime. The “Episode 0” prologue video created for the game last March sure creates that feeling anyway.

While Ninjala‘s release date might have been postponed, there is definitely an end in sight. At least there’s still an upcoming Splatfest to look forward to in the meantime.

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