Ninjala hits 4 million downloads, hands out gift ahead of season 2

Ninjala season 2 ninja 4 million downloads rewards art

Ninjala released a few months back, and despite a few launch issues, it’s been going strong. Each month has brought multiple milestones, and now the team has announced the game has hit 4 million downloads worldwide. To celebrate, GungHo Online Entertainment will be handing out 100 free Jala, the game’s in-game currency. This milestone, along with the reward, comes just ahead of season 2 for Ninjala.

The team took to Twitter to share the news, along with some snazzy artwork.

Ninjala season 2 begins on Aug. 26, and when it does, a brand new Board weapon class will be introduced to the game. You’ll be able to swing the board around or hop on it mid-combo to tackle any enemies that come your way. You can also use the board for transport, by hopping onto it and riding around the level.  There’ll be a skateboard-shaped Board named the Festival Board, as well as three other variants like the Home Run Surfer, the Ninja Calibur, and the Camu Camu Plate.

Aside from content updates, GungHo Online Entertainment has also released regular bug-fixing patches. The most recent, update 2.0, enabled players to matchmake with any region alongside deploying UI and bug fixes.

Will you be jumping into Ninjala for the launch of season 2 along with potentially 4 million others?


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