Bloody good time: Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection gets a stylistic trailer

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection trailer

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is making its way to Switch on June 10. It’s getting a standard version and fancy Digital Deluxe Edition (but no physical release). The launch is still a while off, so Koei Tecmo decided to remind gamers of the trilogy of games with a trailer. The Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection – Action Trailer consists of a brilliantly cut montage of all the titles included in the compendium. Plus, a lot of blood and gore.

This trailer for Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is not for the faint of heart

Have a look at the video below, but be warned of its gratuitous violence:

Ryu Hayabusa does not mess around. The ninja can literally take on an entire army of enemies by himself.

One takeaway I have from this clip is how fun and engaging the combat appears. Attacks look fast-paced and defense and counters seem just as important as a full-on assault. Also, I love any title that includes Izuna Drops.

Enthusiasts, has this bloody video convinced you to buy Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection in June? Do you think if this sells well we’ll eventually see Ninja Gaiden 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comment field below.


Arthur Damian
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