Night owls rejoice: Mario Kart Tour launches on September 25 at 4 AM ET

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour will officially launch in just a few short days on Wednesday, September 25. Instead of a staggered release worldwide, the game will be launching everywhere at once, according to the game’s official Twitter account. For our readers situated in the Americas, you will have to stay up late (or get up early?) if you want to be playing Mario Kart Tour right from the start. The tweet below lists the launch time in a few different timezones while also making a vague mention of the option to preload the game.

So, many aspiring Mario Kart Tour pioneers will have to be up and on their phones at 4:00 AM Eastern Time. Some folks just cannot be expected to wait, and who can blame them? This is, after all, the first new Mario Kart game outside of an arcade since Mario Kart 8 five years ago. The mobile title may end up without much longevity given the pay-to-win mechanics that hindered the beta, but it should at least be a fun distraction that we can play with our friends for a few days. Mario Kart has arguably some of the most potential for becoming a mobile craze among all of Nintendo’s properties, given its propensity for multiplayer and the huge fanbase. In the best-case scenario, Mario Kart Tour could be a high-quality title that builds a long-lasting, dedicated community, but I am more than a bit worried that annoying monetization could cause the game to spin out well before the finish line.

Nick Pearson
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