Nexomon, the original game, is headed to Nintendo Switch

PQube VEWO Interactive original Nexomon 1 comes to Nintendo Switch soon trailer

Publisher PQube and developer VEWO Interactive have announced that the original Nexomon monster catcher game is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X “soon.” Notably, the sequel, Nexomon: Extinction, already launched on Switch and other platforms back in August 2020, so this is an opportunity for players of that game to explore its roots. Or alternatively, players with an insatiable appetite for monster-catching will probably have something else to play ahead of the release of Pok√©mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Nexomon includes more than 300 creatures to build a team with to take on the evil-sounding NexoLord. There are seven starter Nexomon to choose from because three is just too small and pathetic a number, but there are only nine elemental types because anything more than that would be excessive. The game world (called the NexoWorld, because of course) has more than 10 regions to traverse, including the usual forests and volcanoes, and it’s all put together with attractive 2D visuals and seemingly a good amount of battle animations.

Nexomon isn’t the only monster catcher game planned to release on Nintendo Switch in the near-ish future. Coromon is coming in Q1 2022, for instance, and MMO Temtem is supposed to land on Switch sometime this year.


John Friscia
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