New Xenoblade Chronicles remaster screenshots highlight gorgeous vistas

xenoblade chronicles valak mountain

Only a month remains until the release of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, with each day closer to launch feeling longer than the last. Thankfully, the official Japanese Twitter for the series helps tide us over with an occasional peek at what’s to come. Yesterday, new high definition art and screenshots focused on the main cast of Xenoblade Chronicles (along with brief footage of the “infinity sandwich”). Today, we now get a closer look at the remastered world of the Bionis!

The world of the Bionis comes alive

First up, a couple of bird’s eye view shots from Gaur Plain! Raguel Bridge below connects the verdant expanse to the upper level of the Bionis’ leg.

raguel bridge

gaur plain

Next, the caverns of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition really shine with ethereal lighting.

xenoblade cave

xenoblade cave

Now, welcome to Makna Forest! This jungle is home to a number of beautiful landmarks, such as the roaring Great Makna Falls and the Eks Watering Hole. In the remaster, you can get a clear view of the sky, more specifically the Eryth Sea hovering above.

great makna falls

makna forest

eryth sea preview

Finally, we come to Valak Mountain, the largest explorable location in Xenoblade Chronicles. Fun fact: this frostbitten mountainscape trailing down the Bionis’ right arm was not always a winter wonderland! Hiking down this area will lead you to the war-torn and Mechonis-riddled Sword Valley, where the game’s opening takes place.

And man, does the night sky look absolutely breathtaking.

If you’re wondering how these areas stand next to their Wii version originals, Twitter user Reiji posted some comparison shots, which you can check out below.

Increased resolution and new art assets aside, can I just point out—again—how beautiful the night sky in Valak Mountain is? This time, you can really see the stars (or Ether particles?) glittering above like never before. Hell, even Eryth Sea is much more visible from the bottom of Makna Forest!

Which area are you most looking forward to exploring? Let us know in the comments.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on May 29.

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