New wave of Nintendo leaks seems to reveal Switch design doc, prototype details

Nintendo leaks 2014 Nintendo Switch design doc document Nintendo Switch prototype details Nintendo 3DS wireless TV connection Miracast 480p

The Nintendo leaks that have occurred over the past year are nothing short of extraordinary, in that the information collected is adding whole new layers of context to decades of Nintendo hardware and software. Today, a fresh batch of leaks has reportedly leaked through 4chan, and a lot of claims are coming out about its contents. Among them is allegedly a 2014 Nintendo Switch design document (below) vouched for by game historian Forest of Illusion on Twitter, and the doc looks quite similar to a design shown in a 2015 Nintendo patent. (Incidentally, the look seen in the 2014 Switch design doc also looks bizarrely similar to a 2016 hoax design that was inspired by the 2015 patent.) Additionally, details of a Nintendo Switch prototype have allegedly leaked as well.

Information on a potential early Nintendo Switch prototype comes from Kaitlyn Molinas on Twitter, who finds that one prototype allegedly made use of 3D video and may have been backwards compatible with Nintendo 3DS. It had potentially upwards of two screens but only 480p resolution, and rather than dock to a TV, it would have directly connected with a TV wirelessly while still being playable on the handheld itself.

While these minute details are not verified, the documentation being cited in the Nintendo leaks is almost definitely legitimate. It’s mostly a question of accurately parsing and interpreting all of the information, which is no small task. In any case, these Nintendo Switch design document and prototype details are pretty fascinating for enthusiasts and preservationists.

Stay tuned for, inevitably, more Nintendo leaks.


John Friscia
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