New video shows off the making of Koral, a game made entirely at sea

Koral game screenshot

Last week, underwater puzzle game Koral released for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Our own A.K Rahming enjoyed it, calling it “a relaxing experience,” and praised the game for its distinct art style.

But the most interesting aspect about the small game isn’t the game itself –– it’s how it was made. Koral was developed entirely at sea. To explain how and why, solo game developer Carlos Coronado uploaded a 20 minute documentary detailing how Koral was created. In the video, he explains his choice for using Unreal Engine 4, how he created the game’s textures, the people who sailed with him at sea, and what parts of the sea that inspired the game.

Last summer, Coronado revealed some more info on Koral via the game’s Steam update page. Here’s what he wrote, detailing the game’s inspiration and development:

4 years ago I started scuba diving while traveling on Koh Tao, Thailand. Since then, I travel to scuba dive! I’ve been in reefs in Mallorca, Tenerife, Girona, Koh Tao, Coron, El Nido, Palawan, Apo, Komodo, Bali, Lombok and many others and with Koral I want you to transport you to those places, some of them unfortunally are dying.

In the current development state of the game, all the game mechanics are already done and integrated into the Unreal Engine and I have to begin to design levels and the visual narrative of the game. To do so, I had this crazy idea 3 months ago; I am going to invite another 7 game developers to a boat and I am going to design and begin the integration into the Unreal Engine of Koral’s levels in the boat while the awesome gamedevs do amazing stuff of their own too! Oh, and not only that. I am also going to record the process and the experience and put it in my youtube channel for everyone to see!

Koral is available now at the Switch eShop and Steam for $11.99.

Kevin Cortez
Kevin is a writer with bylines at Genius, Ambrosia for Heads, Mass Appeal, Leafly and EARMILK. He plays video games in his spare time.