New third-party NEXiLUX Joy-Con controller supports wireless and gyro

NEXiLUX Joy-Con third-party controller

Another week, another third-party Switch controller option comes to market. We’ve been reporting on a lot of these recently, but this one has our attention. Not only is there a transparent color option, more importantly, these things support wireless play and gyroscopic controls. Most alternative Joy-Con options only work when attached to the system, so this one could provide apt competition for the official product.

This Joy-Con alternative comes from American company NEXiLUX. No, we’ve never heard of them either. The company is shipping this through major retailers like Amazon and Walmart though, so it might be worth a shot. The NEXiLUX Joy-Con cost a fraction of the official controller’s price ($45 for the pair!) and come bundled with a plastic grip. If you’ve got Joy-Con drift, this could fix your problems.


There’s some good functionality on show here. The NEXiLUX Joy-Con support motion controls, wireless play and contain a USB-C port for individual charging. Not only that, but they also contain some ergonomic improvements too. They’re chunkier than normal Joy-Con (much like the HORI split pad pro) and the controllers feature more traditional analog sticks as opposed to Nintendo’s smaller sticks.

The NEXiLUX Joy-Con is shipping now. This third-party controller option is currently out of stock at Amazon, but available to order at various other outlets.


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