Switch Lite getting a new model already, unknown if it’s about Joy-Con drift

Joy-Con drift Nintendo Switch Lite new model FCC filing Joy-Con drift Nintendo CSK&D not a real problem

Despite misleading estimates that led to a drop in Nintendo’s stock, Nintendo Switch Lite is selling pretty well overall. However, the drift issues plaguing the standard Switch Joy-Con analog stick are seemingly still present, and a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo for Joy-Con drift is now incorporating the Switch Lite as well. Yet amid these concerns, Nintendo is now — already — working on an updated Switch Lite model.

Nintendo filed documents with the FCC today that indicate production of an updated model. The new Switch Lite has the FCC identification number BKEHDH002, while the original model is ID number BKEHDH001. Aside from some tech specs that mostly match the current iteration of the handheld, the filings don’t reveal much about the upcoming model.

The new handheld released on Sept. 20, so the speed at which Nintendo is filing paperwork for an updated model is curious. Nintendo provided no comment on the rationale behind the update when asked, so whether it is related to Joy-Con drift or something completely unrelated is unknown. It’s possible that these changes could affect the form rather than the function of the upcoming model. However, this doesn’t seem likely as the current iteration hasn’t had time to sufficiently breathe yet.

What do you think about a potential new Switch Lite model? Aside from Joy-Con drift issues, are there any minor improvements that can be made? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear