New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events will end, old events will repeat

In-game Spirit Board and tournament events are coming to an end in Super Smash Bros Ultimate after a vehicle event, and then repeats, repeat events

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been delighting fans and delivering new content regularly for nearly three years straight, but that is all coming to an end at last. On Twitter, Nintendo made the announcement that in-game Super Smash Bros Ultimate events will start to repeat on November 19, meaning that brand new tournaments and Spirit Board events are evidently coming to an end. This was largely expected after Sora from Kingdom Hearts was announced as the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass character and the final major game update launched back on October 18. However, the in-game events aren’t totally finished yet: For the weekend of November 12, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is getting an event for vehicle stages.

This tournament will have players exclusively throwing down on stages with vehicles, which per a promotional image will at least include Mute City SNES, Pilotwings, Pirate Ship, Spirit Train, and Venom. If you enjoy cruising, sailing, and flying — or fighting to the vicious finish while doing any of those activities — then you’ll have a splendid time with this tournament.

Although new in-game events are coming to an end and repeats are entering the fray, it’s still fair to say that Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been one of the best-supported Nintendo games ever made. Now it’s just a question of how long we’ll have to wait for a new entry in the series — and who will make it, if not Masahiro Sakurai.


John Friscia
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