New Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection update out in a few days

The Nintendo Switch version of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is set for an update in just a few days. Per the official Capcom blog, players on the console can expect the update on October 23. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will, too, receive one, though it’s not connected to the patch on the hybrid system. Here what the Switch update will entail:

Online Improvements:

  • Improving online capabilities and ability to host lobbies
  • Friends between the Japanese and international versions can locate one another’s lobbies
  • General fixes

Localization Fixes:

  • Updated Japanese strings
  • Corrections to Korean Photosensitivity Warning

Training Mode Improvements: Multiple fixes have been made to improve dummy behavior.

Audio Improvements: Stereo playback improvements for Street Fighter III titles.

Museum Updates: Text and asset corrections have been applied.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is a mashup of the best and most popular Street Fighter titles in the series. With a total of 12 games-in-one, the collection is bound to entertain a variety of fighting fans that own the console. The game released back in May, “overperforming” by Capcom’s standards. It helped lead the publisher to their most profitable quarter since they began publicly releasing the information.

Street Fighter’s a series truly everyone can get something out of. There’s just so much history to the franchise, and the collection is a fantastic representation of that. It boasts some of the most memorable Street Fighter installments, with Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting and the original arcade classic standing out as two of my favorites.

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