New Splatoon 2 update adds wacky new weapon

Fans of Splatoon 2 will be pleased to hear that yet another update is set to release on November 6/7 (timezone may vary). Version 4.2.0 will introduce a wacky new weapon called The Ultra Stamp. You can see this brand new weapon in action below.

The Ultra Stamp is a giant hammer that will allow players to crush opponents directly in front of them. Players can also throw the weapon forwards to attack from a distance. While it does seem like an extremely powerful weapon, it also comes with a weakness. Nintendo warns players to watch their backs while using this weapon, as “you’ll be vulnerable from behind.”

What are your thoughts on this crazy new weapon? I must say while it does look wacky, I’m very eager to test it out. It’s also great to see Nintendo continue to add free content to Splatoon 2 even after the game launched over a year ago. As always be sure to let us know your thoughts on this in the comments down below! For more Splatoon 2 coverage check out our homepage.


Veronica Carusi
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