New Sonic Lost World Details And Video Released

IGN today released another round of details around the upcoming Nintendo exclusive Sonic Lost World as well as the first shown live gameplay footage.

Details include cross platform item sharing, varying level completion paths, and other interesting tidbits of information

– Levels have diversity
– Can use the Pro Controller, but only in modes that involve two players
– Co-op and competitive options
– Support Mode: player with the Wiimote controls a “Radio Control Gadget” created by Tails
– This lets players destroy enemies and obstacles, helping less experienced players
– Local competitive mode split between the TV and GamePad
– Will have some sort of “fun feature that will allow players to enjoy the game longer”
– Was in development before Sonic Team knew about the Wii U
– Reconfirmed: share items through Miiverse
– Dimps developing the 3DS version
–  3DS “not a port from the Wii U version”
– Offers “totally new level design to match the screen size and hardware so players can enjoy both versions with a fresh feeling.”
– 4 players locally or online for a Versus Mode
– Once again, share items between both versions

The IGN exclusive videos show fast and fluid gameplay, gamepad integration on the Wii U version, and a rundown on how the Blue Blur’s new moves give him an edge.  Additionally there are obvious similarities to Mario Galaxy gameplay, flying from one platform set to another with the use of bouncers is one of them.  Controls have been honed to give the player the ability to control Sonic’s speed at different points during gameplay.  Walking speed gives more delicate control over movement while running allows Sonic to use his new parkour system to climb trees, ledges, and run along walls.

Sonic’s spin boost is the fastest way to travel, but comes at the expense of much of the control that is afforded but also allows moving through threatening platform areas quickly.

Wisps are also featured and give Sonic unique powerups throughout levels to aid in difficult sections.   Also making a comeback are canons, speed pads, and bounce plates.

Visually the game looks stunning, a real return to form of the classic Sonic series art style while giving players path options in three dimensions.

Every bit of new information gets me more excited about Sonic Lost World.  Are you more hyped for this game?  Sound off in the comments.

[Source: IGN]

Wesley Stopford