New Smash Bros. Ultimate cinematic brings the fighters to life

Nintendo must know that Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to sell like hotcakes. Yet, they’ve still been out there consistently killing it with the promotional material. This time around, it’s a new cinematic that uses the gorgeous banner art they’ve featured in each Nintendo Direct.

The Smash fighters come to life and pop out of the banner to go head to head. Well, not the DLC characters, of course. It seems like Sakurai and Nintendo tried to promote some unconventional match-ups in this trailers, too, as we can see from Marth, Pikachu, and Samus going after Mewtwo. There is also a matchup that pits Charizard versus Mega Man, and even Villager against Sonic.

The trailer succeeds in showing as many of the stages, fighters, and quirky character moments as possible in its 60-second run time. All of the cinematics for Smash Ultimate thus far have been legendary. And this one, while a bit more streamlined, is just as spectacular as the rest.

We’re in the final stretch now. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on December 7.

Super Smash Ultimate Bros Brothers New Trailer Cinematic

Jacob Buchalter
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