New Sega RPG is a mobile game, gets a first look in a teaser trailer

New Sega RPG is a mobile game, gets a first look in a teaser trailer

We heard about the new Sega RPG yesterday and learned today from a teaser trailer that it will be a mobile game. The full reveal will occur during TGS 2021 Online at 10:50 p.m. (JST) on October 1. Sega also launched a countdown website that counts down to the “Sega New RPG” reveal at TGS and an official Twitter account for the unannounced title.

The teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of three characters in what appears to be a fantasy setting. We don’t get any further details about the game in the trailer, but it asks, “What is an RPG?” to which a voice responds, “an adventure about moving forward in an unknown world.” It then asks if that’s how it should be, then goes on about how RPGs started as adventures told through paper and pencil and that stories were a one-time experience and not something you could read again. After that, the narrating characters say, “Let’s bring back the ‘true’ role-playing games onto smartphones.”

So there you have it — it’s a new mobile RPG from Sega. Unfortunately, it won’t be a new Phantasy Star or Yakuza game. Still, Sega Chief Strategy Officer Shuji Utsumi recently talked about more console games coming in 2022, so we’ll keep an eye out for more announcements come TGS 2021.

You can check out the “Sega New RPG” teaser trailer below: