New SaGa series game in the works, possible announcement in 2022

New SaGa series game in the works, possible announcement in 2022

During a SaGa series “Producers Talk 2021” live stream event today, Square Enix revealed that a new SaGa game is currently in development with plans for an announcement in 2022. It’s also worth noting that the new game will have a physical release as well, meaning that it won’t be another free-to-play mobile or PC browser game.

Key SaGa series producers shared a few words to wrap up the live stream earlier today. SaGa Frontier Remastered producer Hiroyuki Miura was the first to mention a new title is in development, saying: “We’re currently developing a title, and I hope we get to announce it sometime next year, so please look forward to that.”

SaGa series creator and general producer Akitoshi Kawazu also commented about the new SaGa game with hopes for more in 2022, saying, “Miura-san and myself have already begun working on the next package title, so look forward to the SaGa series next year.”

As previously mentioned, the key part of this announcement is that it will be a “package title,” which means a physical release in Japanese. Now that we’ve seen ports or remasters of most SaGa games, perhaps it’s about time we get a new main entry from the series. Kawazu also mentioned that we’ll see more from the series outside of video games in 2022. In any case, we’re also looking forward to hearing about a bigger Romancing SaGa x Saga Prefecture collaboration next year as well.