New Pokémon Sword and Shield screenshots show improved graphics

Pokémon sword and shield improved graphics

Back in February, Game Freak revealed Pokémon Sword and Shield to the world. The trailer showed off a more realistic-looking world, building off the steps taken in Sun and Moon. A new camera style also provides the game with the most “3D” look and feel to date. This first look was generally received well by fans, but it wasn’t without faults. Many felt that the graphics just didn’t quite look complete or polished. Fortunately, Game Freak hasn’t been sitting idly by the past few months. They’ve been working on some visual improvements!

Sword and Shield improved

Pokémon news site Serebii recently reported that Sword and Shield will feature trainer customization. This isn’t too surprising, as customization has been around since X and Y, but the announcement revealed something else. Uniqlo and The Pokémon Company recently held a T-shirt designing contest. The winning shirt, themed around Magikarp and Gyarados, was then announced as an in-game item for Sword and Shield. The two companies released some screenshots to show off the T-shirt in-game. People soon began analyzing the new screenshots, and they noticed areas where the graphics have improved. Game researcher N. Fade then made a handy gif to demonstrate the changes.

There aren’t any massive differences that revolutionize the game’s look, but if you pay attention you’ll note lots of subtle upgrades. For starters, the lighting has been improved. You can really see a difference when looking at the windows especially. Game Freak has also improved the textures of the bricks in the bottom-left of the image. Perhaps most notably, the foliage looks more fleshed out and vibrant. Can you spot any other changes? With six months left to go, we could see many more by the time Sword and Shield release.


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