New Pokémon Snap trailer takes us on a snappy tour through the Lental region

New Pokemon Snap Lental Region guide trailer

The Pokémon Company has released a New Pokémon Snap trailer in Japan that takes us through various parts of the new Lental region.

The Lental region trailer starts with a look at the many ecosystems we’ll see in the game, including jungles, oceans, deserts, and more. This time, players will take photographs of wild Pokémon to help out Professor Mirror. Both the professor and his assistant Rita will help out with information about the Lental region and its ecosystems.

Similar to in the first game, players ride the NEO-ONE vehicle that automatically travels along a route while taking photos. Furthermore, each stage comes with hidden routes that you can take by simply finding them using the search function. Taking different paths makes it possible to take photographs from different angles and find Pokémon that you might not see on the original route. The more you explore, the more you increase the research level. By increasing your research level, you’ll get to see more Pokémon and unlock more routes.

Players will also get to edit photographs and share them worldwide after getting them graded by Professor Mirror. Edits include various stickers and frames that you can use to customize your photos.

New Pokémon Snap Lental region snap guide trailer

New Pokémon Snap releases worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021.