New Pokémon Snap takes us to the Lental Region in April

New Pokemon Snap Lental Region

Get ready for an avalanche of nostalgia! Pokémon Snap took the world by storm in 1999, and it remains one of the most beloved Pokémon spin-offs to this day. Over two decades later, The Pokémon Company is finally reviving the magic in New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch. A new trailer just dropped, showcasing the gorgeous and photogenic Lental Region. You’ll be able to experience this region up close when the game launches on April 30! In the meantime, check out the trailer by clicking below.

Welcome to the Lental Region

New Pokémon Snap

Players have been waiting for over 20 years, so expectations are high… and this trailer delivers! New Pokémon Snap looks like it’s a faithful revival of the classic formula in a beautiful new world. The Lental Region has scorching deserts, vast seas, lush forests, and more. Classic gameplay elements return, like tossing an apple to distract a wild Pokémon long enough for the perfect photo. At one point, we even see a Heracross and a Pinsir locked in battle!

You seem to be moving around on some sort of futuristic hovercraft, so it’s not clear if New Pokémon Snap is entirely on-rails. The Lental Region is so beautiful, I hope we get to explore every inch! We’ll find out everything it has to offer when the game launches next month.

Ben Lamoreux
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