New Pokémon Snap photo editing & worldwide sharing features revealed

New Pokémon Snap photo editing edit sharing worldwide featured Bandai Namco Pokémon Presents trailer

At the Pokémon Presents presentation today, a new trailer for New Pokémon Snap was revealed, showcasing even more of what to expect from the charming new photo-taking entry, including how to edit photos and share them.

For starters, Rita and Phil are there to support you along with the professor, so you’re “in good hands.” By watching wild Pokémon, you can discover behaviors and expressions that are rarely seen, like perhaps with a surfing Alolan Raichu and Vaporeon seen in the video. You can throw Pokémon a fruit to get them to act and then snap a pic. In the park at nighttime, alternatively, you can play a melody to please a critter like Hoothoot. Illumina Orbs invented by the professor make a Pokémon glow as well, so that’s another tool you have for taking interesting shots in New Pokémon Snap. Also, Tyrannitar and Celebi randomly pop up in this video, if you dig them.

After you have taken photos, you can share them with the professor so he can grade them according to various factors. But it doesn’t have to end there. You can edit the New Pokémon Snap photos you’ve taken with stickers and frames. Then you can upload them online and check out photos from around the world; it might be featured and get more attention! Check out the trailer to watch it all in action.

John Friscia
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