New Pokémon Masters trailer reveals online co-op play

Pokémon Masters

Back in May The Pokémon Company unveiled a brand new mobile game. They’ve teamed up with DeNA, one of Nintendo’s mobile partners, to bring Pokémon battling to phones.  Pokémon Masters features an all-new region packed with popular and famous trainers from the past. You can get your hands on it when it launches on Android and iOS later this summer. In the meantime, the official Pokémon YouTube channel has just uploaded a brand new trailer, and it reveals a new feature! Click below to check it out.

Pokémon Masters trailer

Co-op play revealed

As previously announced, Pokémon Masters focuses on 3v3 battles. Each trainer fights with just a single Pokémon, and the two form a special bond called a sync pair. This allows you to launch special sync moves with your Pokémon of choice. To fight, you’ll team up with two other sync pairs of trainer and Pokémon to form a team. The trainers can then use special support moves to aid their Pokémon in battle.

Previously, we only knew that you could team up with famous NPCs from past games. Thanks to the latest trailer, we now know that you can team up with friends as well. Pokémon Masters features co-op play, and you can team up with people from around the world. If you all coordinate your attacks, you can even team up to launch a powerful Unity Attack.

More details surface

After the trailer, Serebii posted even more information. They revealed that the Pasio region is home to Professor Bellis. He’s a researching studying Sync Stones, items required to perform sync moves in Pokémon Masters. Meanwhile, your rival is named Paulo, and he fights with a Rockruff at his side. The Pokémon Masters League, the ultimate goal, is run by Prince Lear and his staff members, Sawyer and Rachel.

Serebii also revealed the existence of something called a Sygna Suit. If you wear one, your Pokémon will change to match. One example given is that when Brock puts on a Sygna Suit, his Onix is swapped out for Tyranitar. Additionally, Serebii has confirmed that you can teach Pokémon new moves and raise their level cap. Trainers can level up as well, and they also have a star rating.


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