New Miiverse Update Readies Network for 3DS Debut

While Miiverse has been in action on the Wii U and internet, it has yet to come to Nintendo’s 3DS systems. Now, with the 3DS debut of Miiverse slated for sometime in December, Nintendo has rolled out an update to Miiverse to help accommodate the influx of 3DS users ready to access Miiverse.

Mostly, these changes are based on maintaining a healthy, uncluttered experience for both old members and new players who may only have a 3DS and thus have never used Miiverse before. This includes new display options for the abundance of communities found in Miiverse – filters have been added to allow Miiverse users to display communities based on certain categories. Alongside the addition of more communities able to be displayed at once, the filters become a very necessary part of the update.

A bit less important, on the other hand, is a minor change to user profiles. Miiverse users can share Yeahs (think of them as Facebook’s Likes) as they have previously. However, user profiles will no longer show how many Yeahs a particular user has offered to others, although individual posts will still reveal how many Yeahs they may have received.

With the large amounts of new users joining Miiverse when the network becomes available on 3DS, Nintendo has also changed some default settings of the individual communities themselves. Prior, the newest posts from the community, regardless of who posted them, would always be shown first. Now, default settings have reorganized post priority so that players who have actually played the game of the community will have their posts displayed by default.

Unfortunately, the update announcement still does not confirm a specific date for the launch of Miiverse on 3DS. Still, rest assured that when Miiverse does launch on 3DS, you\’ll be able to use your Wii U’s Nintendo Network ID (if applicable) with your 3DS and its Miiverse network.


Dakota Lasky