New Mega Pokemon, Sky Features Revealed for Pokemon ORAS

According to a magazine called CoroCoro in Japan has revealed two new Mega Pokemon and features regarding the legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games coming out this November.

The two new Megas are Mega-Pidgeot and Mega-Beedrill. Both Pidgeot and Beedrill are Pokemon from the first generation and are regarded as weaker than the alternatives. These Mega Evolutions should make them more popular, particularly within the competitive scene. Pictures seen below show off the new looks.

Mega-Pidgeot receives the ability No-Guard, which guarantees all attacks will hit the target, and the Pokemon’s Special Attack gets an increase. This is particularly useful since Pidgeot has a great Special move pool but without the Mega Evolution its Attack is greater.

Mega Beedrill becomes a Bug/Poison type Pokemon and receives the ability Adaptability, which increases Same-Type-Attack-Bonus (STAB) damage from 1.5x to 2x. Mega-Beedrill also receives a boost to its Attack and Speed.

Although Mega-Latios and Mega-Latias had already been discovered by fans buried within the code for Pokemon X and Y, this issue of CoroCoro revealed them officially for the first time. According to Bulbapedia, an item called the Eon Flute can summon either Latios or Latias after befriending one of the two legendary Pokemon. After being summoning one of the two, the player can freely ride the Pokemon in the sky above the overworld, even being able to control speed and direction.

Latias will be exclusive to Alpha Sapphire and Latios exclusive to Omega Ruby. In the next issue of CoroCoro there will be a serial code readers can use to obtain an Eon Ticket, which will give access to either Latios or Latias at \”Southern Island\”, depending on which of the two is not obtainable in the game by default.

Bulbapedia reports there will be \”Mythical Places\” such as clouds and islands in the sky where legendary Pokemon can be found. Between Pokemon X and Y and ORAS, all legendary Pokemon except for event legendaries will be obtainable.

Finally, a new PokeNav called the MultiNav has been revealed. It has four settings: MapNavi, TVNavi, PlayNavi, and DexNavi. PlayNavi includes Pokemon Amie, introduced in X and Y, and the Global Trading System. DexNavi introduces new ways to add Pokemon to the Pokedex. Players can either sneak up on Pokemon in the wild without having to battle them, or players can encounter Pokemon the old fashioned way in battle.

Alex Boe