Pictures of a Luigi-Themed 2DS Surface Online

It seems that Nintendo is about to release a new and special edition of the already pretty new device Nintendo 2DS.

The Nintendo 2DS launched in October 12th and it represents a budget version of the highly successful 3DS, targeting on the same time a younger audience that wants a more resistant device to play with.

As you can see in the pictures below, we will probably get a special Luigi themed version of the 2DS with a white and green layout and buttons. You can see also Luigi on the back of the console if you look at every picture we have posted in this article.

The pictures are everything we got for now, so stay tuned for an official announcement regarding this nice version of the Nintendo 2DS.




Remember that you have not to wait for this particular release in order to celebrate the Year Of Luigi. You can order a “Luigi 3DS XL Edition” on several stores on the internet depending on the country where you live

Hektor Apostolopoulos