New Kanye West song connects perfectly with Zelda’s ‘Gerudo Valley’

Kanye West Selah Gerudo Valley Zelda Ocarina of Time

Yesterday, Kanye West released his Jesus Is King album to the excitement of his fans all over the world. The album features several guest stars including Kenny G, Clipse, Timbaland, and more. And as musician Louie Zong discovered and shared on Twitter, the song “Selah” fits amusingly perfectly with Koji Kondo’s “Gerudo Valley” from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

I’m not sure if Zong enhanced that particular part in “Selah” or if he overlaid the Gerudo Valley theme because of a similar tempo, beat, or chord progression, but the tune certainly fits the song. For comparison, here’s the original by Kanye West:

The bit in question starts around the one minute mark. While I can’t hear the full Ocarina of Time melody, sampling the “Gerudo Valley” theme, one of the most beloved pieces of Legend of Zelda music, would certainly be one way to enhance a track. After all, the series has had tons of memorable tunes, and video games have crossed over into hip hop before, like Logic and Chrono Trigger coming together for “Used to Hate It.”

Does it sound like Kanye is intentionally sampling the “Gerudo Valley” theme (probably not)? Is it just a coincidence (probably)? Let us know!

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Dominick Ashtear