New Hollow Knight: Silksong character was created as a dying fan’s wish

Hollow Knight Silksong Seth fan wish

Hollow Knight fans are chomping at the bit for a new Silksong trailer, but developer Team Cherry is taking their time with the sequel. However, they haven’t left us completely in the dark. The past few weeks they’ve posing riddles to their Discord followers. Successfully completing these riddles unlocks new character reveals, including the Huntress and a caravan of fleas. The latest reveal is a combatant named Seth who was brought to life thanks to the wish of a dying fan.

New Hollow Knight: Silksong character revealed

"Seth" by Seth Goldman from HollowKnight

Along with the above GIF of Seth in action, solving Team Cherry’s riddle unearthed the following descriptive text.

“The Voice… has chosen me.” An eternal protector, waiting amidst tangled roots at the base of the Citadel. He guards a secret long forgotten and will attack any who stray too close.

Imbued with stamina and strength beyond a normal bug, he strikes up close or from a distance with blinding speed. With unwavering devotion, this ancient guardian will fight until the very end, and beyond.

Many of the Citadel’s caste have fallen to this deadly warrior. Those who encounter him should turn back, or else prepare for a vicious battle.

Seth’s wish

As it turns out, Seth is far from just another character crafted from Team Cherry’s imagination. Instead, he’s the creation of a fan named Seth Goldman. Seth suffered from a rare type of cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. Thanks to the Marty Lyons Foundation, he was able to have one wish granted, and he chose to meet with Team Cherry. After their meeting, Team Cherry took the wish a step further and let Seth design a character.

The character of Seth was developed together with Seth Goldman, who’s a really cool young guy we were fortunate enough to meet and get to know. Thanks to the Marty Lyons Foundation for hooking us up with Seth. Huge thanks to Seth himself! And look forward to entering battle with his deadly bug warrior!

You can check out Seth’s original sketch below. Team Cherry then brought it to life as the aggressive warrior you see above, bringing Seth’s wish to completion. Sadly, Seth passed away on June 12. His memory will live on in the sequel to the game he loved so much.

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