New game announced for Nintendo Wii (yes, Wii)

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THQ Nordic announced a new game coming to Nintendo Wii, and it’s exactly the sort of game you would expect to arrive on an ancient, 13-year-old console. Let’s Sing 2019 won’t just be coming to the Wii, though, but also will launch on the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. For some reason, the Ravenscourt-developed game will not be arriving on the Wii U, a system that barely anyone acknowledges ever existed.

Yes, it may be a casual game, but it is stunning that the Wii, a 480p console, is still getting new game releases. The platform is turning into a PS2-like Zombie.

Are you still playing Nintendo Wii? Let us know in the comments below! I’m looking for an opponent to play Wii Boxing against.

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