New Fire Emblem Includes Three Versions In Japan

Yesterday during the Nintendo Direct a new trailer was revealed for the new Fire Emblem game, but there were far more details on the Japan version, which is called Fire Emblem If.

First, the game will be divided into two physical versions: Fire Emblem If: White Kingdom and Fire Emblem If: Black Kingdom. Both will feature the same story until chapter 6 and each version will have the same amount of content as Fire Emblem: Awakening. Each version will cost 4700 yen, which means a $40 price tag in the States. There is also a third release, which will be available as DLC after its release.

Fire Emblem If: White Kingdom will be the easier version, including alternative ways to get experience and money. It is intended to offer a experience like Fire Emblem Awakening; a good option for starters of the series. Fire Emblem If: Black Kingdom, on the other hand, will present a challenging story, with limited experience and money.

Owners of each version are able to buy the other as DLC with a discounted price of 2000 yen (which should translate to $14.99 here), so:

  • If you buy Fire Emblem If: White Kingdom physically for 4700 yen, you can get Fire Emblem If: Black Kingdom as a DLC for 2000 yen.
  • If you buy Fire Emblem If: Black Kingdom physically for 4700 yen, you can get Fire Emblem If: White Kingdom as a DLC for 2000 yen.

This sounds simple right? Well, it will be tricky since there will be just one digital release, unlike the physical options. This sounds weird considering discounts are available on the eShop (like if you buy either Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2, the other version gets discounted).

After paying 4700 yen for the digital version of Fire Emblem: If, you will be able to play until you finish chapter 6. Here you will have the option to play either story, so once you choose a path the other one will get permanently locked unless you buy it as DLC (again, for 2000 yen).

So for now there are three releases: each physical version and the digital one. The thing is there is a fourth release!

A special edition will be released, called Fire Emblem If Special Edition, which includes a special two-in-one cartridge with both versions of the game and also the third story line when released, as well as a limited edition artbook and a limited edition Fire Emblem TCG card. The special edition will cost 9250 yen.

The release date was also confirmed: Fire Emblem If will be released June 26th in Japan, while both North American and European releases are scheduled for next year.

You don’t need to be scared about this move though, since it wasn’t announced in Europe nor North America. Most likely, there will be just one release with both versions for $49.99 and the third story will be offered as a $19.99 DLC.

Eric Weichhart
When it comes to gaming, I don't choose a side nor the budget, but how much fun I will get from playing.