New Eidos Montreal Game Leaked?

This lead up to E3 is proving to be a roller coaster of leaks so far!…

  • A 30 year old explorer searching for a way to save his love.
  • Explorer is a bit jaded, troubled by his past, but does not realize his full potential
  • Uses a sword and shield
  • His love’s name is “Nova”
  • Protagonist must find an “architect” who knows how to save her
  • Eventually meets a female mercenary, described as a “dark beauty” and a “femme fatale”
  • Female mercenary flirts with the hero, tends to turn on people
  • A love triangle forms
  • Tries to kiss the protagonist and tempt him to stop searching for Nova
Now Eidos haven\’t been the greatest supporter of Nintendo platforms in the past, but now Square-Enix own them and the Wii U is coming out there’s no reason why they shouldn\’t announce a Wii U version.