New book details gorgeous history of Star Fox and F-Zero

Star Fox and F-Zero fans unite! The two series may seem dormant, but the folks at HG101 are publishing a book with some of the most detailed art and history of the series. It also covers British developer Argonaut Software’s history and inspiration behind the title. The book highlights the 16-bit games, highlights of some lesser-known games like Stunt Race FX and Vortex, and in-depth details on 3D on-rail shooters like Omega Boost and Vanark. Finally, the book offers insight on some Castlevania fan games and an update on the Wonder Boy and Monster Boy series.

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This could be a great gift for a die-hard fan of both Star-Fox and/or F-Zero, or a studious gamer. The book is available now on Amazon for both the Amazon Kindle at $5.99 or Paperback for $17.99. Either way, this is a great opportunity to dive into the wonderful and chaotic world of the 16-bit era.

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